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Web-based platform that aims to make finding housekeepers easy, fast and convenient for both sides.
Quality professionals are screened through detailed profiles, rating system and subscription plans.

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How it works

Clients pick the table they want. Bussiness gets the clients.

How it works

This is an innovative web based booking platform, which is an intermediary between customers and clubs/bars/restaurants.

You are able to choose the exact place (table/seat) you wish to be seated within the interior of the chosen club/bar/restaurant and reserve it online. When you choose a place this is automatically reflected on the booking system of the business allowing them to easily and conveniently accommodate you at your desired table/seat.

In addition, the platform allows users to explore incoming events and also add exciting offers to the booking.


Good design
leads the user.

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Design inspired by the world of high professionalism. Fresh and clean.

Gentle shades of Blue.
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Combination of flat and depth.
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What the client says

I have been working with Mayomo from the start of December 2016 and will continue to work with them in the foreseeable future. Their professionalism could be seen right from the first email I have sent to their team to request an estimation of an extremely complex project with multiple unknown factors. Their response contained the perfect mix of information and detailed explanation of how we would tackle what was in the beginning “just an idea”.

Georgi Dimitrov CEO, JustBook Ltd.

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