Google Adwords

In business, you need to keep your edge especially if you are competing for top positions and leads in a growing industry. Alongside traditional SEO techniques such as link building, on-page and off-page optimization, you need to invest money with PPC efforts. Pay-Per-Click campaigns enjoy tremendous growth in popularity, which means the rules are always shifting. It takes effort and in-depth knowledge to dominate your competition.

Increase your ROI on your PPC campaigns and hire a professional who understands what it takes to in order to generate leads for your business. MaYoMo has worked on PPC campaigns for years and has experience with different types of ads and campaigns across markets and platforms. We have focused on local businesses and have optimized the PPC campaigns for mobile businesses and e-commerce sites. You can count on us to develop a bespoke service that minimizes conversion rate costs and drives up sales.

Why AdWords? Why Us?

Free AdWords Audit

For those businesses, which already have some experience with PPC campaigns, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your performance to this moment. This data is then compared to your overall corporate goals to establish how effective your current campaign has been. Our team runs over a detailed checklist to calculate your overall Quality Score and offers specific recommendations to strengthen your campaign.

Research for Starting Campaigns

You tell us your company goals for your PPC efforts and MaYoMo realizes them through a meticulously researched campaign. The key here is understanding your industry, competitors and market. Our team provides thorough keyword research, technical audits for your website as well as preparing a proposal for a best course of action based on the gathered information.

Strategy Execution & AdWords Management

MaYoMo goes head on into implementing the agreed course of action, which is fully tailored to your needs, and sets up all relevant accounts. A good PPC strategy takes stage on multiple platforms and our team creates the necessary accounts to match your goals. Data gathering is a key step, which is why we install conversion tracking and the must-have Google analytics, which provide vital information about campaign success.

The last stop boils down to constant monitoring. All PPC campaigns need to be dynamic and evolve with the landscape. For this reason MaYoMo offers regular monitoring that relies on gathering and analyzing data over equal time periods. You receive our findings in easy-to-read reports containing the most vital metrics. This baseline information serves as an initial benchmark for testing new ads, channels and techniques.

Google Adwords Management

  • For every business in every device

    AdWords remain an essential tool for every business to gain visibility online alongside the popular and ever evolving Search Engine Optimization. These campaigns are low-cost with the potential to lead to massive ROI for your business, which is what every company dreams about. It’s easy to set up your PPC account and create AdWords campaigns, but managing these campaigns and targeting them is a whole different ball game. You need a helping hand and we’re happy to lend you one.

    MaYoMo has been in the business since the early growth stages of AdWords as a tool and remains up-to-date with all changes to the service capabilities. You tell us what your vision for your AdWords campaigns is and we provide strong management that delivers high ROI.

  • Audit, Research & Strategize

    If you’ve already have an AdWords account and have launched campaigns on your own, we provide free AdWords Audit – a service that examines your performance to date and makes a list of suggestions to strengthen your current performance, while we devise your strategy.

    Before any strategy can be implemented, we need to know everything there is to know about your company and site’s overall condition. Our team spends time to look what your direct competitors are doing with their campaigns as well as research your industry and niche for any specific trends and best practices we need to keep in mind.

    This allows us to better target your keywords, which is the final stage in the research. Our team performs several extensive searches aimed at not only identifying the correct keywords for your niche, but also those most likely to be used by customers ready to make a purchase. This is the way we work to achieve higher ROI for your site.

  • Creating the Ads & Setting up the Campaign

    Based on the research and keywords, MaYoMo creates bespoke ads that have several goals:
    • Target the right audience through specific keywords
    • Pass Google’s guidelines in order to boost your campaign’s effectiveness
    • Generate interest in your target audience – our ads are written by hand, using proven strategies to engage customers’ interest and generate leads.

    MaYoMo engineers AdWords campaigns based on your business’ specific needs and type. We have experience with E-Commerce AdWords, Display AdWords and creating AdWords for local businesses. All these types of AdWords Management demand different approaches and tools, so you can count your campaign is tailored to you individually.

  • Management, Reporting & Recalibrating

    Once your campaign launches, our team sets up specific parameters for monitoring your performance over a given period of time. MaYoMo does hands-on work to ensure your AdWords are working for you, creates reports with the most crucial data and administers any necessary changes to improve your campaign’s effectiveness.

Google Tools


Adwords Search Network

Advertise your services / products on the Google Search Network. Get to the people who are currently looking for you in time!


Google Display (GDN)

Successfully promote your brand with display ads on the Google Sites Network. Tell your audience about yourself!


Youtube Ads

Record a special video ad to capture the attention of all YouTube users!



Re-engage the user already interested in a special promotional offer or discount that is not forgetting!


Google Shopping

Create an attractive specialized ad for each of your products or services. For now, the service is only available to some countries.


Mobile Network Ads

Show your ads not only on computers and laptops, but also on smartphones and tablets. Reach the desired users through their most preferred device!