PPC Advertising

What is PPC?


Let’s define PPC, or Pay-Per-Click. PPC is a powerful and highly strategic digital marketing tool which allows an advertiser to promote a business and its offerings on a search engine whereby payment is made every time a consumer clicks on the ad. Your ad may appear in different formats on the top of popular search engines and a pool of relevant partner websites. Even though PPC advertising is available on many search engines, the most popular choice for PPC ad spend worldwide is currently Google where it is administered through the Google Ads system. According to recent statistics, Google accounts for 92.25% of search engine market share in 2018 alone (StatCounter Global Stats).


How is it different?


PPC advertising is not organic. Organic search results appear in a particular order based on Google’s unique algorithm and can be influenced by SEO efforts. PPC ads, on the other hands, are prioritized within an auction-like system and appear according to the so-called Quality Rank. A business’ Quality Rank results from the multiplication of the highest bid (CPC bid, strategically decided by the advertiser) and their Quality Score (a metric assigned by Google and influenced by several factors, like relevance, CTR, landing page quality, and others). However, PPC ads have priority before organic search results. They are displayed as the first result even before organic results and have a small ad disclaimer sign in the upper left corner.

Google is the top search engine worldwide with 92.25% market share. (Global Stats)


65% of Internet users click on Google ads (Wordstream)


Types of Ads We Offer for Google Search

Text Ads


Display Ads

Remarketing Ads

Texts ads appear as the first result on Google search and include details about your business, including possibly location, annotation, and a link to call on mobile. The prime purpose of Text Ads is to drive traffic and increase conversions.


Display ads feature rich visual promotional content (like banners) and appear across GDN, the Google Display Network. Currently, over 2 million websites make up GDN and you can advertise through creative banners on approx. 90% of European websites. The prime purpose of display ads is to gain visibility for the business and increase brand awareness. Remarketing ads, also known as Retargeting Ads, appear to consumers who have already visited the site but haven’t completed desired actions, such as conversions. These ads follow them across platforms, The banners need to be highly creative, attractive and ideally animated, since the primary aim is to tweak the initial advertising message in order to make it more appealing to the consumer and ultimately lead them to the check-out.


What are the Benefits of PPC for Your Business?


1.Traffic, Conversions, Profit


PPC campaigns drive instant traffic to your website. They are displayed even before organic searches on Google, and stats show that 50% of PPC visitors are more likely to lead to conversion than organic ones (Unbounce).


2.Exact Reach


Proper PPC ad management will help you hook potential customers from your demographic at the very moment when they are searching for the type of product or service your business is offering. You are reaching customers with buying intention. The potency of PPC advertising – which is also what makes it quite complex for untrained and inexperienced marketers – is that the ad is delivered to a very specific target audience within a controlled advertising budget.


3.Easily Quantifiable


When your campaign is designed, set in motion and managed by road-tested PPC experts, your website will likely see an immediate increase in high-quality traffic, conversions, profit and ROI. Since the turnaround time is fast, the results are easily quantifiable.


4.Leads and Exposure


PPC provides excellent front page exposure for businesses, making them increasingly visible to their target groups, thus promoting familiarity with the brand and steadily cementing the chances of closing a deal.


5.Boost and Clarity for Overall Marketing Strategy


If you manage your pay per click smartly, you will be able to gain valuable insights into your winning keywords, marketing models and marketplace verticals. Whether your goals for the next few quarters are market development, market penetration, diversification or else, PPC will be indispensable in navigating new and existent markets.


What Does PPC Management Involve?

For the business:

Get in Touch & Discuss Potential Partnership => Fill in Questionnaire => Call/Meeting => Receive a Proposal with Budget => Receive Regular Updates & Observe Results in Traffic, Profit & ROI

For the agency (us):

Initial Communication & Review of Business Needs => Assign an Account Manager => Audit of Previous Campaigns => Prepare Strategy for the First 6 months => Submit to Client and Finalize According to Desired Parameters => Launch of Campaign =>  Continuous Monitoring of Performance and Refinement of Ads => Monthly Reports for the Client and Smooth Communication Throughout


Overall, PPC management involves a thorough analysis of the business and in some cases audit of past PPC advertising campaigns, analysis of competition and application of industry insights, designing the optimal strategy for work in the months to come, testing and launching a campaign, and continuously monitoring the performance of ads and fine-tuning the campaign to the minutest detail that matters.


For the launch of each AdWords campaign, the steps to execute are straightforward:

  • Research keywords
  • Select and bid on keywords
  • Create compelling copies for all ads and visual content for display ads. (come up with variations for A/B split testing)
  • Organize into ad groups
  • Optimize landing pages for conversion
  • Pinpoint desired demographics, set budget and launch campaign
  • Test, modify, scale, review, fine-tune


Throughout the duration of each campaign, our team will track conversions and calls, and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as Sessions, Page Views, Landing Page, Average Session Duration, Top Conversion Path, Unique Users, Clicks, Impressions, CTR, Conversion Rate, Conversion.


Cost management is a key element of efficient Google PPC management services. The Google Ads platform lets you choose the campaign’s daily budget and change it at any point in time when you want to shift gears. This is very important, first of all, because your budget is flexible and potentially unlimited – the more you invest, the more results you can expect for your business. Secondly, the goal is to drive conversions at the lowest cost for the client, which requires an expert’s set of eyes and a highly developed tactical sense. Thus, optimizing the cost-per-acquisition is at the core of PPC management.


Note, that a multitude of other factors may influence the pay-per-click campaigns’ efficiency: internal factors, such as price, product quality and market size, and external factors, such as seasonal changes and current affairs. We take them into account, yet we also have no control over those. What we can ensure, however, is excellence in the key factors that lead to the success of a PPC campaign, such as expert keyword research and sifting, sharp competitive analysis, skilled bidding strategy, talented copywriting and graphic design, and continuous optimization.


Most importantly, each PPC management agency does things slightly differently, yet the results for the same businesses could be vastly different. Needless to say, we strive for raising the bar higher than everybody else.


Why Do You Need to Outsource? (Common Challenges & Pitfalls)


Even with seemingly convenient tools at your disposal, such as Google Adwords Express, which makes it easy to launch a campaign and forget about it, running a successful PPC campaign is meant for highly experienced professionals. In fact, stats show that 765 of PPC budgets are wasted (Search Engine Journal). There is a science behind every step of the process, from finding a long list of low volume keywords to lowering your average cost-per-click (CPC) and optimizing your return-on-ad-spend (ROAS). If you bet on a poorly prepared team or specialist, you could lose a lot of money and miss many good business opportunities.


Keep in mind that the PPC market is highly competitive and it is not easy to elbow your way to the front page of Google Search, with hundreds and thousands of other businesses like yours able and willing to spend money on online advertising. Not to mention, that you may not have the time or resources to create an in-house team, thus relying on a skilled partner can save you time, money, and efforts in tracking campaign progress. Instead, you will get the results that matter delivered straight to your mailbox. PPC management is not an activity you could run on the side or let people who handle an array of other tasks be responsible for it.



Why Choose MaYoMo?


Our PPC management agency possesses a supreme competitive edge over others in the field due to our team of incomparable experts, invaluable industry insights for most industries due to our past track record and highly effective proprietary techniques. We create a very concrete work strategy to set in motion for the next sixth months (minimum duration of our contracts) and specify the ultimate consumer journeys, or consumer paths, that will make the most of your budget. Additionally, we do more in-depth work as part of our PPC campaign services, including segmentation of consumers and pinpointing of relevant micro audiences, testing and defining “triggers” for those micro audiences, tracking of consumer paths etc. We offer full support for our clients in their business goals and endeavors and keep them always in the loop through ongoing communication and detailed monthly campaign performance reports.


We are known for ROI excellence and want to help you master your competitive landscape and thus outperform your competitors. We are proud to offer a uniquely personalized approach and strive for unrivaled transparency and integrity. Our Adwords management services deliver successful campaigns based around enticing keywords, stunning visuals and compelling messages. Our specialist team works very hard to deliver optimal results for your campaigns and maintain regular reporting and communication with your staff. This is the kind of B2B partnership you have been looking for.

Our Services

Pricing Contract Point of Contact Content Creation Continuous Review of Campaigns Campaign Performance Reports Taking Over Existing Campaigns Additional Services
A quote tailored to your business needs.

Consists of an initial set up fee + a monthly management fee depending on advertising spend

Low-risk and minimum of 6 months. A highly experienced, Google certified PPC expert will be assigned to you as your personal Account Manager. (look to receive a copy of certificates).


It will be useful for us to receive and evaluate existing advertising materials. However, stay confident that we will provide all necessary content for all PPC campaigns. Expect unique value and high quality. Daily.

The client receives regular updates about any changes.

Weekly and monthly. Yes, we are happy to take over an existing campaign. We proceed by making an audit of the existing campaigns and introducing a plan for improvement and optimization. We also offer audits, consultations and employee/in-house team training.