Instagram Advertising

WHY YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS INSTAGRAM Using Instagram for business is certainly worth your time, effort and investment. The trending photo-centric platform opens up vast opportunities for brand growth, revenue generation and networking. The immersive mobile-first channel has created a new culture of content sharing which emphasizes and celebrates visual aesthetics, creativity and fun. You can […]

Google Ads Audit

INTRODUCING GOOGLE ADS AUDIT If you are already advertising through Google Ads, a Google Ads Audit is the most logical step towards optimisation, excellence and success. Formerly known as Google AdWords, the platform notoriously rewards advertising campaigns which are crafted competently, with an optimal level of granularity. Thus, continuously revising and optimising the performance of […]

Linkedin Advertising

What is LinkedIn Advertising? LinkedIn Advertising is the ideal tool for reaching out to highly educated professionals, decision-makers in the corporate world and businesses as a whole. Unlike the intent-based AdWords platform, it is a higher funnel marketing form, which makes it most suitable for raising brand awareness and fostering consumer interest and consideration. It […]

Display Advertising

What is Display Advertising? Most commonly, this happens through the Google Display Network (GDN) which gives advertisers access to over 90% of Internet users worldwide allowing them to show their ads on relevant third-party partner websites, as well as Google’s own sites YouTube and Gmail. As opposed to Paid Search advertising where text ads appear […]

Paid Search

What is Paid Search? Paid Search is one of the most popular and widespread methods for digital advertising nowadays and a major strand of PPC, or Pay Per Click Advertising. It refers to the use of text ads on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL. It is also known as SEM, or […]