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Display Advertising

Display Advertising is a common variety of PPC advertising which serves graphic ads to websites, apps and social media platforms.
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What is Display Advertising?

Most commonly, this happens through the Google Display Network (GDN) which gives advertisers access to over 90% of Internet users worldwide allowing them to show their ads on relevant third-party partner websites, as well as Google’s own sites YouTube and Gmail. As opposed to Paid Search advertising where text ads appear only on SERP, Display Ads can pop up on the top or side of a particular webpage, or inbetween paragraphs.

Display ads can incorporate not only text and URL, but also logos and branding, images, video and sound. They appear in diverse formats, most commonly banner creatives which come in a variety of sizes and adjust smoothly across platforms and devices. However, while some of the best Display Ads out there are beautifully animated, rich media advertisements, others can also appear in the form of plain text banners, static image ads displayed on mobile apps, or customized ads on Gmail. Their most unique characteristic? Unlike Paid Search Ads which are served when a consumer initiates a search, Display Ads appear while the user is surfing. This is why their main purpose is to improve brand visibility and recognizability.

Quick Facts about Display Ads
  • Google Display Ads gives you access to 90% of Internet users across more than 2 million websites.
  • A Google Display Ad can be shown up to 10 million times in a month, depending on campaign budget.
  • The average CTR in Google Ads is 3.17% for Paid Search Ads and 0.46% for Display Ads. (WordStream, 2018)
  • The average CPC in Google Ads is $2.69 on the Google Search Network and $0.63 on the Google Display Network. (WordStream, 2018)
  • According to Google, the highest performing ad formats are 300×250 pixel rectangles.
  • In 2018, Native Ad spend comprised 60% of all Display Ad spending. (eMarketer)

What will you gain?

The primary goal of Display Ads is to increase brand awareness, foster brand loyalty and nurture leads. Display Ads are visually enticing ads which travel far and reach very specific target audiences. They present the ideal tool for achieving long-term growth, since they rely on a repetitive display pattern to foster familiarity between the consumer and the brand. Even though they can also achieve great results in terms of boosting site traffic and increasing conversion – sometimes even at a lower cost than CPC ads – their true ‘secret weapon’ is their ability to provide rich data about consumers, which in turn can be used to ‘smarten up’ your marketing efforts. Eventually, the collected data will allow for Retargeting, i.e. placing your ad in front of the same people who have already visited your website, but in a much more convincing and attractive fashion. Thus, Display Ads are incredibly valuable in complementing a company’s overall PPC marketing efforts.

What makes a successful ad?

An efficient Display Ad consists of enticing graphics, clean and simple design, recognizable branding elements (such as a logo), clear and compelling CTA, and a URL leading to a specially designated and optimized landing page to ensure a seamless experience according to the campaign objectives.

The main metric for Display Ads is CPM, or Click Per Impressions. The advertiser pays for each screening of the ad, regardless of whether the consumer was engaged or not and whether they performed any action, such as a click on the ad. The success of a Display Ad campaign is determined by measuring the following four variables:

  • Impressions, i.e. how many times the ad was served
  • Reach, i.e. how many times the ad was actually seen
  • CTR, i.e. how many times out of a thousand impression did the users click on the ad (17 clicks out of 1,000 impressions equals a CTR of 1.7%)
  • Conversion Rate, i.e. how many times out of a thousand impressions did the users purchase a product or service or perform the desired action

Types of Display Ads

Ad Image
Responsive Display Ads

Ad elements include a headline, ad body, brand logo and image. The system automatically presents them differently each time, converting them to the most native-looking format particular to the site. They appear as ‘native’ ads, i.e. they blend in seamlessly within the function, appearance and feel of the environment.
Native ads rank higher in efficiency due to their ‘natural’ look.

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Ad Image
Engagement Ads

These are rich media ads encompassing imagery, animation, video and sound. They are usually displayed on YouTube and across the rest of the GDN.
They can also take the form of lightbox ads (click and expand), interstitials (playing directly on a page) and overlays (appearing over the webpage content).

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Uploaded Display Ads

This option offers more control over the appearance of ads. The advertiser can upload multiple variations created with external software, such as Google Web Designer.
Our recommended ad formats are 728×90, 300×250, 300×600, and 160×600.

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Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads feature directly in the Gmail user’s inbox, right on the ‘Promotions’ and ‘Updates’ tabs at the top. The number of new Gmail accounts users in Europe keeps growing from year to year, making this a top Display Ad choice.

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Where Other Campaigns Fail?

Along with the common pitfalls of inadequate PPC management such as waste spend, Display Advertising presents even more challenges to the inexperienced advertiser. The widespread use of ad blocker and general consumer annoyance with the disruptive appearance of Display Ads limit the effiency of this kind of advertising. A company’s best call would be to make the Display advertising complementary to their SEM funnel and other employed PPC advertising methods.


Why Trust MaYoMo?

With our Display Ad campaigns, we start on the right foot each time. We conduct thorough data asset analysis and research, and devise a comprehensive long-term strategy. The launch of each campaign rests on a solid basis of specific objective mapping and dynamic targeting nourished by fine and true audience insights.

Very importantly, a masterfully applied creative impulse is fundamental in creating unique and high-performing Display Ads. We rely on the right language, irresistible CTAs, aesthetically satisfying animation and imagery, and effective landing pages optimized for conversion. Through the consistent optimization implemented daily by our certified PPC specialists, we will ensure that your campaigns reap the ultimate results for what you invest in them.

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