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If you are already advertising through Google Ads, a Google Ads Audit is the most logical step towards optimisation, excellence and success. Formerly known as Google AdWords, the platform notoriously rewards advertising campaigns which are crafted competently, with an optimal level of granularity. Thus, continuously revising and optimising the performance of your Google Ads campaigns – from keyword choice to ad copy to landing page – can reward your marketing efforts more than you ever conceived.

If you’re lacking confidence in your ads’ performance, a Google Ads Audit is, without doubt, the right solution for your business. Essentially, it is an in-depth expert assessment of what works well in your campaigns and where you’re falling short. From there, your goals and strategy can be refined, upgraded and elevated towards striking success.


Companies which audit their campaigns are 17x more likely to enjoy positive ROI. (Hubspot) Only 58% of all Google Ads accounts are set up to track the performance of ads and campaigns. (Hubspot) Lacking or
poor analytics are responsible for 97% of Google Ads campaign failures.
In a review of 1,000 campaigns, on average, over 90% of keywords prove to be virtually useless. (Neil Patel)


A Google Ads Audit can be a transformative experience for your company. Proficient analytics are the key to unbeatable campaigns and, ultimately, to profits. The MaYoMo report you commission will show you precisely what changes you need to make, so you can set up your inbound marketing strategy for success in only a few simple steps. You will be astonished at what we uncover. You will be able to understand which elements drain your budget, where you fail and how you measure up against competitors. Put simply, you will gain highly desirable insights and be able to save money (possibly, a lot of it).


What You Will Gain

  • Learn What You Didn’t Know About Your Marketing Campaign History
  • Gain Expert Insights That Will Transform Your Google Ads Campaigns
  • Check Highlighted Elements of Poor Performance
  • Figure Out How to Catch Budget-Draining Oversights Immediately
  • Find Out How to Fix Common Issues, such as Low Impressions, Expensively Low Quality Score, Budget Draining Through Useless Keywords, Ineffective Landing Pages, etc.
  • Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses Better, Much Better
  • Discover Where You Stand in Relation to the Competition
  • Discover Opportunities for Growth


aka We Will Sieve Through All Your Data For The Gems You’re Missing

When conducting the audit of your account, we will not spare efforts to extract gold from the rough rocks. In fact, we take particular pride in being meticulous and insightful. An audit requires a thorough review of many elements that contribute to the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. Here are a few vital areas from a long checklist of key metrics, along with some of the many questions you will get satisfying answers to:

  • Campaign Structure – Is your profile structured correctly so you can receive a high Quality Score (QS) by Google, and thus, better ad positioning at a lower price?
  • Profile Settings – Are you reaching the right micro-audiences? How has your account performed historically?
  • Strategy Revision – Are you reaching your campaign goals? What additional Google tools can you put to use? How can your account be optimised? Do you have a mobile, device distribution and app strategy?
  • Keyword Choice and Volume – How relevant are your keywords? Are there keywords draining your budget? Are there additional keywords you have previously overlooked? Are you taking advantage of long-tail keywords to grab high-intent, low-cost traffic? Do you use negative keywords to ‘cherry-pick’ your traffic and not waste money and opportunities?
  • Wasted Spend – Which keywords, settings and other elements contribute to budget drainage?
  • Creatives – Can your creatives be optimised to increase ROI? Are your copy and visuals powerful and consistent with the desired lead-to-customer journey? How can your Ad Rank be optimised? Do you stand out from competitors or are you losing ground to them? Are you implementing strategies, such as dayparting?
  • Landing Page – Is your landing page optimised to deliver a compelling experience to site visitors?
  • Conversion Tracking and Analytics – How much time do you spend in your account? Have you set up conversion tracking? How do you analyze your data? How do you apply insights from data tracking?
  • Insights Into Key Metrics, incl. QS, Impressions, CTR, Average CPC, Conversions, CTR and Impressions by Ad Groups and Campaigns – Why is your QS not satisfactory enough and how can you improve it easily? How can you improve your CPC?
  • ROI – How can you boost your ROI? What is impeding your campaigns’ profitability?

We will deliver both in-depth diagnostics and uniquely valuable recommendation points for best practices.



Once you get the right analytics in your hands, you will feel empowered to make immediate improvements to your Google Ads account. Concrete steps for better results. With the help of this invaluable tool, many companies have grown from 5 to 50 employees in a remarkably short timeframe. When executed efficiently and expertly, an audit can be incredibly powerful. It will give you a chance to see the intent of your marketing campaigns realised in every little detail, from grabbing target audiences to matching search intent with relevant keywords all the way to striking display ads and converting landing pages. It’s the fresh intervention that will launch your ads’ performance to new, deliberate heights.

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