Search engine optimization has moved on from being all about building links with the hopes for the best. Now you have to earn the right to rank first within your industry and Google has a long list with ever-changing criteria and signals to make you work for the coveted first page.

SEO has evolved from small fixes to an on-going process with social media signals, technical audits, penalty recovering procedures and smart content marketing strategies gaining a more prominent role. MaYoMo seeks to understand what your business is all about and tailor the most fitting strategy for maximized results. There’s no guessing with us.

What is SEO?

In short, SEO is the practice of convincing Google your website is good, useful to customers and relevant for the industry you operate in. A well-implemented SEO strategy results in first positions for important industry keywords, higher traffic and better conversion rates. Google gives you visibility, but you also have to tick off hundreds of requirements before you climb to the top. MaYoMo keeps a close eye on Google’s changing algorithm and evaluates your site based on several technical checklists.

What You Can Expect from MaYoMo

MaYoMo takes great care when it comes to optimization. We have worked with numerous clients in different industries, niches and countries, but our successful methods remains the same – understand your unique position on the market first and then move on to construct a strategy that fits only your needs.

This includes a thorough analysis of customer search behavior in your field and identification the keywords of importance you should be competing to rank high for. MaYoMo believes in a method based on monitoring and reporting, so you’re able to follow your site’s performance and see the results for yourself.

After keywords have been sorted out, our team moves on to perform an in-depth SEO audit and On-Page SEO to ensure your website is without a technical fault. Google has a long list with best practices and guidelines, which explain how a quality site should look like and also perform for both search engines and users.

From this point onward, MaYoMo moves on to tailor a long-term strategy that concerns itself with company goals and establishing your site and brand as an authority online within context of these goals. Google rewards those companies who operate with the understanding that the user comes first.

MaYoMo provides natural link building techniques from trusted and Google-approved sources along with equally important social media management and content marketing strategies. We work with a variety of companies and have experience in the fields of Local SEO, Mobile SEO and Ecommerce SEO, which have their distinct rules and techniques to achieve high ROI and better ranking.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization concerns all your optimization efforts, which take place outside your website and landing page. It’s a very important process to undertake, if you truly wish to be the first-ranking website in your niche. Everything you do online is seen, recorded and then weighed by Google in its ambition to bring users the best and most relevant sites.

This is what Google stands for – user satisfaction, which should be your goal for successful off-page optimization. MaYoMo works with you to understand your business and present its value to your target audience.

It All Started with Link Building

In the early days of optimization, links mattered most. Business could get away with linking en masse to rank high, but Google has moved on to sophisticated algorithms. These can detect unnatural link building easily and penalize your website. MaYoMo designs a custom strategy according to your industry and niche within that industry, which makes sense for both your business and for Google.

Natural and Authentic is the Way to Go

The way Google defines its best practices is done to prevent spammers from cheating and ranking non-relevant, non-useful sites with tricks and manipulation. This is why short-terms fixes never stick and can harm your site. MaYoMo devises off-page optimization based on following the Google best practices, adapting to new trends, acting according to changes in the algorithms and hard work.

Optimization is about growth and transformation of your online presence over time. Our goal is to prove to Google that you are an authority in your field and deserve to be ranked above all others.

Off-Page Optimization is Evolving

Link building alone doesn’t work. Google rewards websites, which reach out to their clients and provide useful information. This has opened the doors to content creation and social media signals as decisive factors in off-page optimization and determining how much authority your site actually has. To survive today’s competitive online environment, your brand needs to turn into a content creator and maintain an open channel of communication with customers. MaYoMo helps you transition into this role with content marketing strategy and social media management, which build your own distinct voice. Our team tailors all these services based on your business and are regularly kept in check accordance to Google best practices. This hybrid approach, once implemented, draws attention from users who naturally engage with you and your products. This in itself leads to more links pointing to your website – the surest way to the top.

On-Page Optimization

Search engine optimization is usually associated with link building, but that’s far from the full picture. Before you can build links, you need to be sure your website is ready to play the SEO game. This is where On-Page SEO comes into play. MaYoMo offers you an intense and fully in-depth on-page optimization service, which looks into your website’s every element, makes a comparison with Google’s guidelines and best practices and improves it.
  • Why Do You Need On-Page Optimization?

    It all boils down to quality and usability. Search optimization concerns itself with bringing in traffic by ranking you at the top for your industry’s most sought after keywords. However, Google won’t rank you high, if you don’t a site worth visiting. MaYoMo goes through several detailed checklists to determine your site’s level of on-site optimization. These include lists of common mistakes, frowned-upon techniques and technical areas for improvement. Once the assessment is complete, you see what needs improvement and how it will be implemented.
  • What Does MaYoMo Do for You?

    First, we make your website visible to Google. This includes putting up your site with Google Webmaster Tools, which opens an important dialogue with Google. We test all your pages for 404 errors and fix those that do return these. These are two basic first steps, which create the necessary foundation for better ranking. Once these are complete, we move onto evaluating and improving on meta tags and site maps – vital components for crawling and ranking. Other aspects of your website put to the test include loading times, putting Rel=canonical tags on the pages intended to be crawled, code-to-text ratio and bugs in the code.

    On-page optimization also concerns what’s directly visible on the page. MaYoMo look at the number of pages on your websites and how to they interact with each other to create a strong internal linking strategy. We select and test keywords for your industry. We also analyze the keyword density on each page, so you don’t get penalized for stuffing too many keywords on a single page – a heavily penalized practice.

  • On-Page Optimization and Content Strategy

    Content is also a subject of scrutiny when it comes to optimization as Google is a proponent for quality content. The Panda algorithm operates based on the idea that all content should be relevant and useful for the user. You can pair on-page optimization with our content strategy service to secure top marks in this category. Our team works with you to capture the voice of your company and tell your unique business story – once to your customers, the second time to Google.