Social Media Advertisment

Social media might seem easy for your competitors, especially when you compare numbers. How do you dominate social media channels effectively and amplify your message so it’s heard by your target audience? The answer is short – hard work, consistency and a strategy that’s tailored to your strengths and abilities.

MaYoMo performs a detailed social audit to understand what your brand is and designs a flexible social media strategy, which consists of:

Social Strategy Planning

Targeting the Right Channels

Targeting the Right Channels

Social media is not about being everywhere, but being on the channel where your audience is. MaYoMo identifies the social media platforms most suitable for your brand. We also take into account factors like your niche, time, human resources and skills into making a final decision.

Working on Appearances

Cohesive branding is the bedrock of a strong social media presence. MaYoMo syncs all your social media accounts so the information, links, background and profile pictures are unified and aesthetically pleasing. A good visual representation of your business communicates to your customers that you’re professional and trustworthy.

Developing Your Individual Voice

The companies that succeed in social media are the ones who appear human to their audience. MaYoMo helps you find the tone your brand should have on your channels based on factors such as your industry, the specific nature of product or service and your customer profile.

Deciding on Posting Strategies

Once you have your voice, it gets easier to choose what you’ll post about, but you still have to narrow it down. MaYoMo works with you to sift through content types, selecting a dominant form of communication and filling out an effective posting schedule. All based on your goals as a company.

Recording and Analyzing Performance

For a strategy to be successful, you need metrics and flexibility to adjust all parameters until you land on a winning formula for your brand. MaYoMo meticulously collects all available forms of data and tracks how your posts are performing. Once we have the data, we analyze to locate any areas that need strengthening.

Establishing Consistency and Engagement Protocols

The last stage in the strategy is to maintain your presence and engage with your audience. MaYoMo provides you with the proper tools for automation, which allows you to follow your posting schedule without wasting time and manpower. At the same time, we work towards carving a certain time in the day for you to follow up with any questions and replies from your followers online.

Developing Your Individual Voice

Social Media Management

Social media is perhaps the most effective tool available to companies to make themselves heard and known on the Internet. You have the same low-cost channels as big conglomerates for the first time and equal opportunity to have your voice heard online. Fostering a healthy relationship with your customers and key influencers in your industry based on open, varied communication through social media channels is a surefire way for Google to take notice and reward you. MaYoMo cultivates your presence online, so you make the biggest impression.

Is Social Media Worth It?

If you’re a small company or specialist business, you might think social media is wasted on you. Why should you bother? The answer is simple – you have only to win from using social media to its fullest potential. Proper social media management creates visibility with your target audience, boosts traffic to your website and done the right way also affects conversion rates positively. As a result, Google also boosts your ranking for keywords in your industry as you grow to be a trusted authority in your field.

Social Media Audit

MaYoMo starts with assessing your current placement in social media, if you have any, and research what your competitors are doing. This analysis seeks to identify the key channels that will benefit you the most. Return on investment is the most important criteria when dealing with social media, which demands time. MaYoMo finds the most efficient way to make your voice be heard and your message relayed to your target audience.

Social Media Strategy Planning

MaYoMo creates a strategy based on specific goals – all based and driven by data. We assess competitor behavior as a base for comparison, but seek ways to elevate your business one idea further. At the same time, we carefully look at how your audience behaves to find best posting and sharing times in your select channels. This way you gain higher visibility and enjoy more attention from target audience. Our dual goals seek to establish you as an authority in your field as well as boost sales.

Campaign Implementation and Results Measurement

MaYoMo is flexible when it comes to execution. We can train and guide you as you find your own footing in your choice channels. We are also available to completely take over your social media presence and implement each step of the strategy, while you focus on making your customers happy. As the campaign moves on, MaYoMo collects data and compiles it in easy to understand reports, which illustrate how your company is performing in this arena.

Social Measurement

You’ve decided to win over social media and that’s great – you should be doing it. Google has demonstrated clearly that businesses who interact with their customers rank higher in search results, but outside the social media strategy, you need one more thing – metrics. To answer the question how great your success on social media really is, you need metrics and MaYoMo collects every scrap of data that can help your business grow. We offer in-depth Social Measurement, which monitors your presence closely and arranges the data in easy to understand reports.

What Are the Types of Metrics to Pay Attention To?

What every company needs to keep an eye on are ongoing metrics, which are continuous and concern themselves with your overall uninterrupted social media performance, and campaign metrics, which concern a specific segment in time – a promotion, product launch or contest. MaYoMo has the correct tools to track both and interpret the data accordingly.

However, for the data to be of any use you need a structured approach to social measurement, which has the following steps:

Setting Goals

This step answers the question: What are you measuring? MaYoMo gives the measurement an easily defined purpose based on what you want to achieve on social media. We work with you to best understand what drives your business. This way we can create measurable goals that support your mission statement and help your business evolve.

Selecting Key Metrics

You’d think social media boils down to getting as many retweets, shares and likes as possible. Let’s burst your bubble. It’s not that simple. Every specific measurable goal is determined by different metrics. MaYoMo chooses the most vital metrics for every channel and goal so that we can track how your social media presence is fairing.

Collecting Data

You have set your goals and selected the most important vitals. Now, it’s time to execute your social media strategy and pay close attention to what’s happening. MaYoMo relies on several tools and data collection techniques to capture everything that’s going on with all your social media channels. We store all the data, both relevant and irrelevant for your benefit.

Analyzing the Findings

MaYoMo compiles all relevant to your goals numbers into clear and concise reports, so all results from your campaign and strategy are effortless to understand. Upon initial findings, we’ll be able to establish benchmarks, which are essential in further social measurement and monitoring of your progress. For a clearer understanding of your performance, we can also engage in measuring your direct competitors.