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I enjoyed working with MaYoMo.

We agreed to create a website our business prospects would remember, and we can be proud of the result. All too often have I worked with teams locked up in their own thinking. MaYoMo came as a relief and I commend their way of working – truly collaborative, creative, flexible, eager to spar with our team and ask for feedback. I have experienced MaYoMo as a company of few words, yet highly focused on the ultimate result – much appreciated. Their graphic design skills are commendable – on a number of occasions did they come up with original ideas translate into concrete designs.

I have been working with Mayomo from the start of December 2016 and will continue to work with them in the foreseeable future. Their professionalism could be seen right from the first email I have sent to their team to request an estimation of an extremely complex project with multiple unknown factors. Their response contained the perfect mix of information and detailed explanation of how we would tackle what was in the beginning “just an idea”. During our first meetings and negations the team impressed me with their can do attitude and willingness to go the extra mile for the benefit of the project. Their ideas and suggestions further added to the success of the project and were really well communicated back to me. What stood out was that the team were not afraid to speak up and challenge the way I was designing some of the features of JustBook. This really helped me shape some of the functionalities in a much better way than initially planned. The team were extremely agile in terms of my requests and really quick to come back to all of my questions. What made my work with the team extremely pleasant was that they were able to integrate me extremely well with all the work on the project, despite the fact that they were working in Bulgaria, whereas I was in London. I was constantly impressed by the high quality of work they were delivering and their attitude towards the project.

Overall, I would highly recommend Mayomo as they are reliable, flexible and truly professional team of specialists who really know how to innovate and find the most suitable and cost effective solution for the benefit of the business.